NYC Recycle

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NYC Recycle's fresh identity is tailored to capture the essence of urban life, appeal to the youthful spirit of the city and inspire the next generation of trendsetters and innovators.

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Recycling

To address these core issues, the campaign will focus on innovative solutions to increase recycling incentives and provide informative marketing assets that educate residents about the importance of recycling and how they can contribute to a more sustainable future. Through a combination of incentivized recycling initiatives and engaging educational content, we aim to empower New Yorkers to take action and make a positive impact on the environment.

Capturing the Essence of Urban Life

Resonating with the pulse of New York City, the new logo takes on a more angular and geometric-driven design. This modern approach reflects the dynamic energy of the city, laying the foundation for a brand that thrives in this fast-paced environment.

Bringing sustainability to Life

The brand identity speaks a language that everyone can understand. Roboto font, a universal choice that transcends language barriers and resonates with the diverse tapestry of people from all corners of the globe who call this city home. As for the color palette, drawing inspiration from nature's own palette—earthy tones that evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony. From the verdant greens of Central Park to the warm browns of the Brooklyn Bridge, the colors bring a touch of the natural world into the heart of the urban jungle, reminding us all to stay connected to our roots, no matter where we roam.

Inspiring Connection and Momentum

In the hustle and bustle of NYC, our campaign's messaging and tone of voice is like catching a catchy tune on the subway—it sticks with you. Picture this: we're on a mission to make recycling cool and accessible, right here in the city that never sleeps. It’s all about sparking curiosity and getting people amped up.

Adding a fresh perspective in recycling

Infusing contemporary design elements into the patterns, transforming traditional recycling symbols into engaging visual cues that resonate with today's urban dwellers. Each pattern is crafted to represent a specific recyclable material, making it easier for individuals to sort and dispose of their waste responsibly. From sleek lines to bold shapes, the geometric patterns not only streamline the recycling experience but also reflect our commitment to sustainability in the digital age.

Finding the nearest recycling bin

Finding the nearest recycling bin can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt.  Keeping eyes peeled for Nyc Recycle posters and ads near public transportation hubs, pointing individuals straight to the nearest recycling bin. In addition, the nearest bins are also in the palm of the hand: Nyc Recycle social media will also give real time updates and handy tips on finding closest bin to the individual. Say goodbye to the scavenger hunt.

Nearest bin in the palm of your hand

In addition to making recycling more accessible, the marketing campaign objective is to educate and inspire people to make a change. With fun and engaging content, this initiative approach turns the recycling journey into an adventure, complete with tips, tricks, and fascinating facts about sustainability.

The big apple goes green

In conclusion, the bustling city of New York embodies a spirit of innovation and diversity. Through this educational and informative marketing campaign, the aim is to simplify the recycling process and ignite a movement towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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Personal Project | Branding & Marketing | Visual System

NYC Recycle

NYC Recycle's fresh identity is tailored to capture the essence of urban life, appeal to the youthful spirit of the city and inspire the next generation of trendsetters and innovators.

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Sugar Factory Rebrand

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