About me

I'm an aspiring Product Designer with a strong brand design background. My journey was sparked by a fascination with how altering one component can impact the entire user experience. This curiosity, combined with my user-centric mindset, technical skills, and coding knowledge, deepened my passion for the field. Drawing from my background in brand design and marketing, I've honed the ability to craft compelling visual stories that not only function effectively but also resonate emotionally with users. This expertise ensures that my designs not only meet user needs but also align seamlessly with broader business objectives, creating products that resonate on functional and emotional levels alike.

UI/UX Designer

Work closely with developers, web and product team to produce responsive components and assets in the design system. Led end-to-end design of landing pages and email newsletter templates, involving wireframes and prototypes, defining interaction patterns and microinteractions with accessibility considerations.

Brand Designer

Established design standardization and asset library reorganization for workflow efficiency and led a comprehensive accessibility audits and guidelines for Google decks, docs and sheets. Spearheaded collaborative efforts with design, content and marketing team to produce end-to-end promotional materials that live in diverse social and marketing channels.

design lead

Code of Silence
Curated a cohesive and well-defined start up upcycle fashion brand strategy and identity, that embodied the company’s vision and value in repurposing existing materials. Involving a wide range of work: brand guideline, visual direction and low to high-fidelity sketches, journey mapping and prototypes for an interactive platform.

brand designer & strategist

Marriott International
Crafted and pitched innovative restaurant solutions to internal partners and clients from hotel brands across the APAC region, involving research, identifying customer and business needs, moodboards and visual identity mockup, and effectively offering unique and culturally immersive experiences, ensuring a memorable and authentic culinary journey.