ClassPass redefined
Product design
User Research
Design system
Problem solving
Unveiling the new ClassPass experience — not just a revamp, but a captivating journey into accessibility, offering an expansive array of workouts and wellness services tailored for all.
The challenge: Igniting sweat with a smile
ClassPass is a subscription-based one-stop platform for thousands of top-rated gyms, fitness studios, salons and spas. The project's goal is to reinvent the platform. The business objective is to create a platform for everyone that provides a wide variety of workouts and wellness services while ensuring flexibility.
Finalised insights:
What's doing well and what is not?
Reframing the problem:
"How might we enhance ClassPass's filtering and personalization features for easier class booking?"
The current interface have problematic user flows that made it complex for users to book a desired class. So how might we help users optimize their search based on their preferences and book a class that best suits their level of fitness?
Simplify onboarding and intuitive navigation

Easier navigation and organizing content logically and additional labels for those who need more guidance in their fitness journey.

Tailored class recommendation based on user’s fitness goals.>
Social interaction

Encourage social interactions with social feed, sharing access to class schedule.
Progress tracking

Ability to transfer their fitness tracker data into the platform.
Rewards and incentive

Implementing reward program, rewards for milestones and friendly competitions.
Intuitive search

No uncertainty, always accurate information and real time availability for each studio 
and class.
New user flow
Streamlining the user experience when it comes to scheduling classes, with a primary focus on reducing the number of clicks required to make the journey exceptionally efficient. The goal is to make the process of booking a class as smooth and user-friendly as possible, ensuring that the fitness journey is hassle-free from start to finish.
Introducing the new ClassPass
ClassPass personalizes and makes users’ fitness journey effortless and easy. Informing users on the type of workout and be able to join classes with their friends at ease and book a massage in three clicks.
Everything in one platform
Introducing a customized homepage experience that tailors content to individual preferences with recommendations aligned with users' profiles and past class choices. Users are also stayed informed with notifications about new partner studios and the latest in nutrition and wellness articles, ensuring they are always in the loop on the most current trends and insights.
Because life is too short for complicated scheduling
Users have the flexibility to seamlessly switch between "Classes" and "Studios" based on their specific search intent. Now with more refined filters provide a more granular and user-friendly search experience, making it effortless to locate the exact classes you desire. In addition, geotags are labeled with corresponding numbers, simplifying the process of matching locations to the class or studio.
You need it? We got it.
Enhancing the accessibility of studios information through a revamped, intuitive, and clutter-free layout, ensuring that valuable details are readily available and logically organized for a seamless user experience.
Inspiring confidence together
A comprehensive progress tracking system within ClassPass, allowing users to monitor their fitness journey seamlessly. With the option to seamlessly integrate performance metrics from fitness trackers, everything consolidates neatly in one centralized location. Furthermore, adding in a social element to foster interaction, 
enabling users to share their daily workouts and performance stats while gaining visibility into each other's schedules for added motivation and camaraderie.
Final takeway:
Inefficiency to optimization
In order to optimize the booking experience, we needed to tailor the searched based on the user’s preference and giving them the ability to personalize and narrow down their searches even further. Simplifying the user flow encourages them to take more classes on their own or with their friends and family.
A more inclusive design
The existing ClassPass app posed challenges for users new to fitness due to its poor design. It was difficult to navigate and look for classes and wellness services. The three main issues were:

1. The abundance of content, which required careful condensation and prioritizing layout.
2. The app lacked personalization and detailed information.
3. Unnecessary and repetitive clicks