Tokyo Mart 2.0

Revamping a family owned Asian grocery store located in the brim of Soho in NYC that offers authentic local groceries, cosmetics, kitchenware, packaged food and freshly made meals at an affordable price.

Food & Drink
Logo Design
Identity Design
Packaging Design

Meet Koko! Koko is the owner's Persain cat who roams around the grocery store, goes up to customers for pets, jumps from a bag of rice to another and loves to play hide and seek. Koko’s character sums up Tokyo Mart’s brand personality. The rebrand uses Koko as the store's mascot on store signs and banner, flyer ads and packaging as well as souvenirs.

The mark means “Tokyo” in both Japanese and Chinese. The mark is designed to convey the brand of the store: brings comfort to those familiar to the culture, approachable to those who are unfamiliar and playfulness. Food isn't just food, food bring memories and people together.

The vibrant color palette and loud pattern is used to convey Tokyo Mart as a contemporary and light-hearted grocery store that sells anything you can possibly imagine. The pattern is used in packaging and digital and printed promotional materials.

Rift Soft suggests friendliness and playfulness yet retains its earnestness used for headers, complimenting with the a simplistic typeface, Akagi Pro, for contrast and flexibility.

Complimenting the typeface with simple and vibrant illustrations for those who are unfamiliar with the cuisine.