Local Nibbles:
Cantonese Edition

A whimsical and educational table-top daily calendar that teaches you one cuisine a year, one dish at a time. Local Nibbles: Cantonese Edition showcases 365 Cantonese dishes from Hong Kong and Guangdong. Every day theres a new illustration, a brief description explaining the origin behind the dish and how it is prepared and consumed as well as its nutritional value.

Food & Drink

Incorporating the Chinese zodiac - 2021 is the year of the ox, each ox represent a macronutrient or health benefit. Each dish have a unique set of ox that represents the dish's nutritional value.

The calendar adopts features from a traditional Chinese lunar calendar, including lunar dates and daily do's and don'ts. The color palette captures traditional Chinese clothing, architecture and artifact. Each accent color is complimented with its tinted color.