ease is a monthly subscription for feminine hygiene products. Many girls and women continue to have the mindset that periods are shameful. ease redfines womens' mensturation cycle by offering modern and efficient solutions. It is about functionality, comfort and transparency.

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A subscription that tailor to your needs, ease online guides and take cares of your monthly needs with a simple questionnaire regarding your menstruation cycle.

Girls and women should feel confident during the time of the month. The vibrant and bold organic pattern conveys that confidence. Each pattern represent the intensity of the flow and is printed on tampon wrapper and pad bags for easy recognition.

ease uses as little packaging as possible to reduce amount of waste. Tampon wrappers and pad bags are compostable and can be used to dispose the old.

Easy transport, always have one in hand. Sometimes periods come whenever it pleases, with these products it comes in handy to have one near you at all times.