Care-ot Tips

Self care at your fingertips. Care-ot Tips is a mobile app that helps people get through daily or occasional mental struggles with the help of a whitty and insightful character. Whereever you are: at home, school, work or on business trips, Carrot Tops will be there. Simply point your phone and scan around your surroundings to look for him. He will make your day a little better.

UI/UX Design

Say Hello To Mr. Carrot Tops. He is someone that makes you smile, who you can trust and provide a sense of comfort to get you through the day.

Point the camera and look for Carrot Tops! He'll know what you need the most based on your surroundings and be there to cheer you up.

And interact with those around you: The more the merrier! Introduce him to your friends and family, he will leave a big smile on their faces.